New Construction Consulting Services




–Whether the design is spec based or you are allowing the customer to choose selections, we will work with your team to coordinate all design selections from start to finish. 


–Our team will coordinate with vendors in bidding, selecting, and purchasing all materials.


–We can create a design selection layout for all vendors/contractors to follow


–Depending on the scope of the project we will arrange to have a design showroom set up, or sample board displays created


–We will work closely with team of contractors to make sure proper materials are installed and the construction timeline stays on schedule



–We will work with your team to establish unique selling points of the property and create a custom marketing platform (i.e. sales brochures, flyers, postcard mailings, signage, web exposure, social media, email marketing) – 

–We can work with with your team to establish a discounted commission rate when listing properties – –

We have access to Monmouth County, Hudson County, as well as Bergen County Multiple Listing Services. All listings are syndicated to, Zillow, Trulia, etc.  


We have a vast network of clients as well as Hudson County real estate agents that we can direct market to – –

Our marketing team will coordinate all web based marketing and social media posting and advertising – –

We will design the website or work with the web designer of your choice depending on budget – –

Our Staff will arrange professional photography – –

Offer to arrange homes to be staged or virtually staged –Create custom signage specific to your project and budget  




If you are planning to open a sales/leasing office, whether it be in a model home or a trailer, we can work closely with your team to design, staff, and manage the sales office

Create coordinate/design all model home specifications and grand openings

Conduct and or supervise weekly reporting on prospect traffic source

–Coordinate weekly sales, marketing, and/or construction meetings

Promote an environment where the sales and supervisory staff is in constant communication with construction management to ensure proper expectations are met while maintaining buyer satisfaction

Supervise all prospect management, i.e. follow up, understanding and overcoming objections, and closing the sale




We have a portfolio of different bankers, investors, and private investors should you need assistance in obtaining funding for projects

Once a project/scope of work has been identified, strategize the best lending options for a given project based on project specifications and location




–We have a several new construction preferred lenders that we work with that have a proven track record to qualify and close prospective buyers and ensure there are no issues with lending on specific projects/properties


–Select the appropriate lender for a specific project based on prior experience and ensure the relationship is the proper fit to avoid any financing issues


–Our team is also very experienced in getting projects FHA approved should that be an option you may require




We have relationships with vendors, contractors, attorneys, marketing firms, local Realtors, photographers, lenders which we can utilize as needed

Using preferred resources ensures a seamless process and guaranteed results